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Accutech Engineering Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering and project /construction management company, that provides services to most industries including:


Food Processing.

Accutech Engineering Inc. has a wide variety of expertise in most areas of food processing, agricultural product handling, storage and processing.


We specialize in providing assistance to a wide variety of clients involved in the Food-Industrial Sector including Food Processing, Storage, Packaging, and Material handling.


Industrial Facility Engineering.

Services are provided to develop new facilities, and rehabilitate existing operating plants.


Our team works with your production staff to develop an understanding of your projects goals, objectives and operating strategies.


Each industry and often each company operate differently than any other. This is part of your competitive edge and it is imperative that your engineers take the time to understand how YOU and YOUR Company operate, so that the new project is optimized for your special needs.


Commercial Projects.

Accutech provides a complete “One Stop” service for all commercial projects including offices, residential, retail, light industrial, etc. Accutech Engineering Inc. will work with you to develop the concepts and programs that you require to bring your project to fruition.


Contractor Services.

Accutech provides assistance directly to resolve construction problems and in the development of winning design build proposals. We also can assist contractors in office or supervisory overload situations where the project load may be higher than their existing staff can accommodate.


Accutech’s team is made up of both engineers and contractors. Our staff knows both the design office and the construction site. We can assist you to get things done, and we can assist you to get a project back under control.


Rehabilitation Projects.

Our staff is experienced in all facets of facility repair and rehabilitation. Accutech Engineering Inc. has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from residential properties evaluations to machine / production non-performance evaluations.


Special unique experience is also available for the diagnosis and solution of concrete deterioration problems.


Institutional Developments.

Sectors serviced include health care, educational, administrative, and recreational projects.


Accutech Engineering recognizes the significance of these types of projects to both the Owner and the public at large, which is the end beneficiary of them. We understand that it is often an Owner’s intention to not only create a new facility but also to develop a facility that can make a statement about the Owner or the people the Owner represents.


In addition to these specific requirements, these types of facilities, by their very nature, will be closely scrutinized by the public at large. Therefore, it is imperative that all aspects of the design, and development be carried out in a manner that reflects efficient utilization of resources, local content, timeliness and the best value for the monies spent.


Forensic Engineering / Technical Claims.

Over the past decade there has been an unprecedented escalation in the frequency and complexity of technical claims and litigation related to the failure of construction, equipment and systems.

These failures range from the catastrophic collapse of a building to the inability of a system to perform at the expected or warranted level.


Many claims are advanced on the basis of detailed expert technical reports and investigations.


In most instances independent specialist consulting engineers must carry out these reports.


Evaluation Services.

Accutech can assist you in evaluating your existing systems or assets to determine their condition, make recommendations for remedial actions, and prepare detailed designs for repairs, and prepare facility life extension scenarios.


We can be your technical representatives during critical negotiations with contractors or suppliers.


Product Development.

Accutech Engineering Inc. has used their significant technical and planning expertise to assist companies and individuals with the development of new products and the commercialization or improvement of existing products.


We have been involved with individual entrepreneurs and inventors as well as corporate R&D teams.


Project & Construction Management

Accutech Engineering Inc. provides complete Project and Construction Management services related to almost any type of construction projects, in most industry sectors.


Accutech Engineering Inc. assumes responsibility for overall Project Management, from conception through to facility planning; developing contracting strategies; design stage scheduling; capital cost estimating; calling of tenders on behalf of the Owner for all phases of construction, and supervising the undertaking from beginning to end -- including overseeing the installation of furnishings and equipment, and commissioning. In this way, all knowledge, skills and experience possessed by Accutech Engineering Inc. are used to full advantage during the design and working drawing stages of the project.


Construction Management services can be provided either as part of the Project Management program or as stand-alone services. This usually involves on site management; coordination; administration of construction contracts and procurement.


Projects are typically handled on an “Open-Book”, competitively tendered basis. We have no financial interest in the construction contracts and simply earn an agreed fee for professional services. Contracts can include Target Price, Guaranteed Maximum Price, and Share of Savings arrangements.


Project & Construction Management scenarios provide for the most flexibility in dealing with tight schedules, one of a kind projects or processes and Owner involvement.


Our approach provides a team concerned with a common objective of providing the desired project within the prescribed time period consistent with budget limitations.