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Process Improvement Services - Lean Engineering

Introduction to Process Improvement


In today’s competitive business environment, implementing new methods to improve productivity is not an option, it is an absolute necessity.


With ever-increasing customer expectations, competition from the international market place and increasing monetary uncertainty, a planned, scientific approach to business performance and the application of effective cost and performance improvement techniques is critical to achieving continued success.


Quality Fundamentals:


Satisfying customers
Continuously improving all work processes
Having highly motivated and involved employees


Accutech Engineering Inc. can help you to analyze your existing operations to identify areas where process improvements could be made, and Accutech Engineering Inc., can help you to implement these improvements. Accutech utilizes a process called “Lean Process Improvement”.


"Lean Process Improvement" is a philosophy, goal, and/or methodology utilized to drive out waste and improve the quality, cost and time performance of any business. These methods provide companies with a series of interventions and scientific tools that lead to breakthrough profitability and quantum gains in quality.


Lean Method


Define client process needs
Measure current process performance
Analyze where process can improve
Improve processes
Measure progress in improving performance


Lean Concept


Process Improvements
Productivity Improvements
Customer / Staff Satisfaction Improvements


Lean Benefits


Eliminate Waste & Defects
Improve Product and Service Quality
Reduce Lead Time
Reduce Costs
Accelerate Growth


Accutech Engineering Inc. can help you to improve your business performance by assisting you to analyze, improve and monitor the performance of any of your operations. We can start with a Lean Audit of your existing operations, this will quickly identify areas where improvements can be made, and then develop a Lean Implementation Plan for the measures identified.


Our Lean Team knows industry; they have actually worked in facilities as plant managers, plant engineers, and project managers. We are professional engineers, and bring to any project a unique mix of both practical and technical engineering and management skills.


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