Institutional Developments

Sectors serviced include health care, educational, administrative, and recreational projects.


Accutech Engineering recognizes the significance of these types of projects to both the Owner and the public at large, which is the end beneficiary of them.


We understand that it is often an Owner’s intention to not only create a new facility but also to develop a facility that can make a statement about the Owner or the people the Owner represents. 


In addition to these specific requirements, these types of facilities, by their very nature, will be closely scrutinized by the public at large. Therefore, it is imperative that all aspects of the design, and development be carried out in a manner that reflects efficient utilization of resources, local content, timeliness and the best value for the monies spent.


The types of projects that Accutech Engineering Inc. and our staff has been involved include:


Clinics / Hospitals
Civic Offices
Community Clubs
Curling Rinks
Schools / Universities
Field Houses
Indoor Soccer Stadiums / Ice Hockey Rinks
Treatment Centres
Movie Theatres
TV Production Stations / Studios
Correctional Facilities

Current Projects

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